Argento Solitaire Round Diamond Necklace in 18kt Gold

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This 18kt gold chain features a suspended laser-drilled single solitaire diamond that’s sure to wow you with its magnificent brilliance. The round diamond has been certified by our in-house diamond graduate to ensure you get an authentic gemstone. You can wear this diamond necklace alone or layer it with a few other diamond necklaces that float on your décolleté.

Single Solitaire Laser Drilled Round Diamond Necklace in 18kt Gold - Gift wrapping available

Necklace Length: 15"-18" adjustable

Diamond Weight & Gold Weight

0.10 ct - 0.64 g 18kt Gold

0.20 ct - 1.0 g 18kt Gold

0.30 ct - 1.03 g 18kt Gold

0.50 ct - 1.59 g 18Kt Gold