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Antique Birthstone Necklace

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This beautiful 24kt gold plated navaratna necklace with an antique look is one product that has been flying off our shelves the fastest consistently. It draws inspiration from the Indian concept of navaratna (nava stands for “nine” and ratna for gem in Sanskrit). Navaratna jewelry were once worn by the Indian royalty and now, you too can step out in style like a royal by donning this magnificent handcrafted piece. This beautiful navaratna jewelry is crafted with nine precious gemstones namely diamond, emerald, ruby, pearl, coral, blue sapphire, yellow sapphire, cat's eye, and hessonite. According to ancient Vedic scriptures, these nine gems that represent the sun, the moon, and the planets help bring happiness and prosperity in an individual’s life. Apart from the nine precious gems, our navaratna gold plated necklace also features marcasite (the black-colored stones), which you’ll find in the products of several other premium jewelry brands. 

If you’ve been looking for a signature statement piece of navaratna jewelry, don’t look beyond this navaratna necklace that’s sure to bring an aura of royalty to your attire and grab eyeballs and attention.