Argento Birthstone Necklace in Different Varieties

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If you want to celebrate the month of your birth, bring home this beautiful birthstone necklace today. Available in different varieties - from navaratna necklace to ruby necklace, emerald necklace, and much more, this visually appealing piece of jewelry can add beauty and elegance to your jewelry box. This necklace also makes a great gift for a loved one.

This stunning navaratna jewelry isn’t just an assortment of a handful of gems. Rather, it brings together nine precious gems that have a significant implication in the science of astrology, folklore, and religion. Known to possess magnanimous powers, the nine precious gems of navaratna jewelry are believed to help modify an individual’s emotional and physical state to balance the planetary motions that rule his/her life on earth. 

Set beautifully amidst gold plated circles, each of the nine precious gemstones in this necklace is surrounded by marcasites (the black-colored stones) and strung to each other via pearls to bring you a piece of jewelry that showcases a unique design. The antique finish of this piece heightens the drama and the oomph quotient. If you’ve always dreamt of owning a piece of navaratna jewelry, which is considered as a symbol of royalty and power, bring home this stunning piece. Pair it up with your simple and minimalist everyday wear to add a dash of style, show it off as part of your wedding jewelry, or layer it up with your birthstones – there are different ways to flaunt your precious purchase.